Monday, July 1, 2013

Side Note: Published Works

Along with writing as a hobby, I have also written numerous press releases for publication. Many were published in local newspapers and magazines. I have kept scrapbooks for many of the publications. Mistakenly, I did not keep the mommy column pieces that I wrote for the Chapel Hills News & Views Magazine. I regret it, because I felt pretty good about those. They were also more personal compared to the press releases.

However, press releases serve as an excellent example of concise writing with strong leads. Also, it can be persuasive and serve as a non-fiction/informational style of writing. My hope is to include some of those into my blog as well so that I can use them in my teaching.

These posts may be exhaustive to you as a reader, but maybe they will give you some inspiration and thought to how English teachers can demonstrate our own writing to authenticate the instruction for our students.

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