Monday, December 2, 2013

Publication: Bring It to Life

My middle grades students and I decided to write a book as a project for this unit. I'm so thrilled about it, and I think it will be really great.

My last class had a few extra minutes today, so we decided to brainstorm the outline of the book, and this is what we came up with...

The theme will be grit/perseverance. (The demonstration of stubborn courage, bravery, and tenacity).

The main sections/chapters of the book will include:

  1. Family
  • overcoming death of a family member
  • jail time of a parent/sibling
  • fights/disagreements
  • divorce
     2. Friends
  • rejections of friends
  • fights
  • breaking promises
  • having each other's backs
    3. School
  • teacher and student relationships
  • overcoming disabilities
  • struggling with grades
 4.  Sports
  • Striking out
  • injuries
  • getting hurt, but getting up again
The book will include short stories based off these themes. The students will be writing daily. The goal is to have a completed draft by March.

I think this could make for a great book, and we are all excited about it!

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