Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice

As an ELA teacher I believe that it's important to work on my craft. Lately, I've been trying a bit of poetry. I love reading poetry, because it's so concise. So much is said with so few words, and it can be fun to write.

Anyway, here is a poem that I wrote today.

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice

Be grateful for each day
For it may be taken away
God brings us life
But with it also comes strife

We were never promised perfection
That is why I honor His creation
Some things are beyond understanding
So we must have faith and stop pretending

That we have complete control 
I realized that long ago
When an angel spoke to me
And I knew my brother was set free
Into eternity

My prayer is that others realize that too
And don't spend their days feeling blue
But rejoice in all things small
Knowing that God loves us all

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice

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