Monday, July 1, 2013

Educational Philosophy--Do you remember yours?

Today, I've been spending some time reviewing my own writing. I find it so helpful to write and document. Blogging is like my own little research tool, and it keeps me focused on my goals. As I've been going through my passed writings, I found the educational philosophy paper that I wrote when I first started my education studies.

I find it kind of funny that one of the first things you have to do in a college education program is write your educational philosophy when really how do you know what it is? I guess the one thing you do know is why you become an educator in the first place. Hopefully, it is because you want to make a difference. I was almost afraid to read back over my "educational philosophy". I am happy to say that I still agree with it. I hope that the passion that I demonstrated so early in my educational career stays with me forever.

I would challenge you to find that first document you wrote on education. How is your philosophy the same? How is it different?

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