Monday, July 15, 2013

Mrs. Farmer's Lexile Presentation

This year, the English teachers and I will be incorporating Lexile scoring to gauge and increase students' reading comprehension levels.

  1. The 6th grade teachers will begin the year with students filling out reading interest surveys by hand. We want to know the interests of students in their own words.
  2. Students will take a test that will determine their individual Lexile score. This score reflects the student's reading comprehension level, so Mrs. South, the school media specialist and I can match the student with appropriate level text.
    • The goal is to meet the students where their reading levels currently are, and grow their reading comprehension further over the school year.
  3. The goal will be for students to read a total of 30 books individually by the end of the school year depending on their reading and comprehension levels.
    • Based on their reading interest surveys I will preselect 3-5 books within their Lexile range from my classroom library or media center library. Students will spend time in class reading and they will choose one book from the preselected books to read at a time.
    • Students will record the chosen book in their personal reading record sheet.
  4. Every night students must read for thirty minutes, and write responses to what they read in their reading journal. This journal will be assessed during sustained silent reading time in class daily. I will monitor their progress daily.
The goal is to increase reading comprehension, but also develop a love of reading in students. This will require sustained silent reading time in class, and reading at home. As their teacher, I will do my best to match students with books that will keep them engaged, and move their comprehension forward.

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