Monday, July 1, 2013

Establishing Myself as a Writer/Teacher

The following posts will include a selection of pieces from interviews of three citizens that I conducted in the small community of Rico, Georgia in 2005. History has always interested me. I love to hear people's stories. My hope is to use these short stories periodically in my instruction.

The various purposes will include:

  • Establish myself as a writer to my students
  • Mini lessons from these pieces can include:
    • memoirs
    • non-fiction
    • interviewing
    • writing technique
    • stages of writing process
      • pre-writing
      • drafting
      • revising
      • editing
    • recursive writing-- How can we go back to any of the previous stages to make these pieces better?
    • voice
    • 1st and 3nd person narrative
    • publishing
    • stages of research
    • textual evidence

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