Friday, November 15, 2013

Teachers: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Why Laughter Can Be The Best Medicine...

Over the past few weeks, my students and I've been focused on writing. We've been working hard, and I've pushed them to their limits. However, this also means I've spent the last two weekends grading essays, and I'm looking forward to another round tomorrow.

Although necessary for achievement, all this hard work leaves me feeling a bit stressed when trying to balance all my different hats, and also wanting to be my best in all ways.

So, what can teachers seeking excellence do when we've reached our breaking point?

Sometimes, the usual tricks are enough. For me that is exercise, prayer, inspirational quotes, or reading. I did all that this week, but still got the blahs! I just couldn't shake my funk.

So, finally I decided to just laugh!

Sources of laughter included:

1. Letting my guard down: In an attempt to be the best teacher I can be, sometimes I forget that it's ok to just be me. I'm actually a pretty fun loving person. I love to joke around and I love to laugh. So, I decided to relax a little. I mean really do teachers have to be so serious all the time!

2. Watched a funny clip: I decided to watch some funny clips. The following comedian cracks me up! He's pretty clean (material wise) and he makes me laugh until my sides hurt!

3. Joke around with some colleagues: I love my fellow teachers, because it's so easy to joke around with them! Help a fellow teacher out and make them laugh. Everyone will reap the benefits.

Yes, there is time for serious, focused rigor, but take a break and laugh with a colleague, watch a funny clip, or read a funny story. It makes the entire journey better!

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Beth said...

Thanks for the reminder! I'm going to take your advice immediately if not sooner!