Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lesson: Adding Dialogue To Narrative Writing

Tomorrow, my students will be revising their narrative stories, and adding dialogue. Many students like to tell stories, but the problem is they just tell the story. Many, many times their writing is void of action and dialogue. That hinders the reader from being in the story.

The following are two clips that help to teach dialogue.


I am going to use the following rubric, which I have used before to grade the assignment. We will discuss tomorrow before writing.

My hope is that I can help them write narratives of quality, and not as the instructor states in the second video, "A lot of fluff!"

I believe that most English teachers would agree that no one wants to spend their weekend reading garbage, but I truly believe that that is what we will get if we don't explain to our students what we need, and take the time to work with them individually.

Tomorrow, I will be teacher and task master of narrative writing!

Happy Writing..


Beth said...

Good idea! There may be writers who come by it naturally, but surely the majority of us need specific instruction. It's unfair to expect students to just know how to write so the reader is engaged without a teacher to lead the way!! Good job, Teacher!!

middlegradesteacher said...

Thank you!! It's a process, but I must set the expectations. :-)