Thursday, August 29, 2013

No Opt Out: Creating Writers

Yes! The spark is coming! I'm starting to see intense initiative from my students in regards to their reading and writing. The achievement study has served as a wake up call to provide a "No Opt Out" approach for my students.

I first learned about this technique from the book, Teach Like A Champion. It eliminates the, "I don't know answer." The achievement unit has helped too, because I can restate the need to be proactive versus reactive. Proactive students are ready and willing to at least try, without worrying if they are correct or not. Furthermore, proactive students are willing to take risks and put themselves out there. I remind them of this as we discuss and learn.

This week, all three classes have written three different essays on achievement. I won't say they are all perfect compositions by any means. But, they are writing.

Tomorrow, my students will choose one writing from the week to revise, edit, and publish via our classroom blog. The students are thrilled about the blog, and can't wait to get started.

I can't wait, either!

Resources from Teach Like A Champion- No Opt Out Technique:


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