Saturday, August 17, 2013

Making a Plan--Keeping It Simple

Last year, I excitedly reflected every week, thrilled to spill my guts onto the page about all the discoveries I'd made in the classroom. So far, this year, my enthusiasm for reflecting is waning. But, what tugs at my conscious is that I believe firmly that all great teachers must reflect often if they are to remain great. So-- let's see....

Organization. Details. That is what comes to my mind. My decision this year is to send home a newsletter every Friday with all graded papers attached.  I will also keep a daily updated classroom website. THIS IS HUGE! However, I am happy with this plan. It can be easy for teachers to get overwhelmed with finding ways to get the word out to parents. Social media allows many avenues. However, social media can become just all too much with the threat of becoming a total time kill, which can impede on family time. That is why this year I am sticking to the hard copy newsletter, teacher website, and parent phone calls. Teachers must make these decisions to create boundaries for the sake of their own sanity and life balance.

So far, doing the weekly newsletter has kept the students on their toes. They know what is to come, including homework, tests, etc. for the upcoming week. They can get a head start if they want, which I hope will be beneficial to them.

Now-- I must maintain consistency. I must stay true to this goal every week and never waiver. I believe I can do this if I make the decision to keep it simple. I will take on nothing else this year in concerns to communication. Newsletter--website--phone calls. That is my plan.

Teachers-- we must make sure that we work smarter--not harder. Keeping it simple can help.

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