Friday, August 23, 2013

Help!: The Importance of a Dream for Teens


Why is it important for teens to visualize their dreams? Why would a 6th grade English teacher worry about this? As a teacher of adolescent aged students, I know that they are going through many changes and challenges. It is difficult for them to process those changes, while also concentrating on school. Therefore, that's why I love the achievement unit. Studying great thinkers and doers intensely creates an awakening and a focus that middle school students need. It also helps to develop better relationships within the classroom, which hopefully creates a stronger school as a whole.
The following is a list of articles that support the need for this achievement unit.
  Creating a dream board.


Monday-- My students will create a dream board, and they will begin to write about their goals and dreams. The clips above may be used for the lesson. I will hang their dream boards up in my classroom, and they can use them as inspiration for their writings.

My desire is that my students are healthy and happy, so that they can achieve greatness this school year.

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