Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Awesomeness of Being a Teacher

This week I began my first days of a new school year. It was unique because it was the first time as a new teacher that I began from the very beginning of the school year. I worked daily this past summer to read work by other educators, write, and reflect. I spent days creating my pacing guide, and developed my first teacher website. Well, I am happy to say that I believe all of that work paid off, because I feel confident and ready. I have a plan, and that plan allows me to bring more to the classroom.

I have so much respect for educators. Teaching is not an easy job! It requires so many talents if you want to be successful. That is why I believe that teaching is a calling, and those who see it that way understand that it is not just a job. You do not clock in or clock out. It is a lifestyle. But, that is ok with me.


1. IT NEVER GETS BORING: I don't know of any other job that takes more creativity and passion than teaching. It takes total engagement on the part of the instructor. That is exciting to me!

2. IT ALWAYS CHANGES: In many traditional jobs you know your place. You come in and you have a job to do and you do it. Although, creativity is needed and bringing new ideas are required, some things don't change as quickly like the staff. Well, teachers get new staff members every day--their students! I am so happy that I have the chance to learn from an entirely new "staff" this school year.

3. CREATIVITY NEEDED: I love that teaching is like a blank canvas. I can paint whatever picture I want. Yes, creativity is created within the boundaries of the standards, but I can create and bring to it as much or as little as I desire. Creative lessons can be tough, but it's fun and exciting too.

4. STRENGTHENS YOUR WEAK SPOTS: Teaching has helped me to be a better person. If you want to succeed you must be on top of your game. Organization is a big component. If a teacher is unorganized he/she will struggle on all fronts. Classroom management, lessons, and overall success in teaching depends heavily on organization.

5. LIFE LONG LEARNING: There are few jobs or careers that I know of that requires constant learning and adapting. I love that I can explore my love of language, reading, and communications, and get paid to do it! What other careers provide that opportunity? Not many.

Yes, teaching is hard. It is not for everyone. To be successful and make a difference, it requires dedication and heart. But, for me, it doesn't get any better than teaching.

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