Thursday, September 5, 2013

Technique Makes All The Difference!

What a great day! My students loved the pronoun challenge! The boys really got into it. One exclaimed, "Mrs. Farmer makes learning fun!" Yes, he melted my heart in an instant. 

I was also so pleased that with the help of my tried and true transition techniques, we were able to conduct the activity, but also move on to our reading assignment quickly and easily. This was so encouraging. 

New teachers-- I could not do what I do if I had not read and practice the techniques from Teach Like A Champion. It is such a fantastic book! 

I also decided to stay for a softball game today. I enjoyed it so much! It was so nice just to sit and watch my new and old students play. It felt good to feel that I was apart of the school. 

Today was a good day! I wish all teachers a happy Friday!

Tomorrow-- comparing and contrasting the theme of "invisibility" with Million Dollar Throw and the poem, "I'm nobody, who are you?" By Emily Dickinson. 

The students will write and share about times when they wished they were "invisible". 

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