Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Million Dollar Throw: Achievement Unit

It fascinates me how some books work with some kids and not others. Last year, my students loved the story of the rocket boys, but so far it's not working this year. So...let's move forward to the book, Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica.

My students have a good bit of review ahead of them tomorrow concerning pronouns. I will also be teaching strong paragraph construction. Therefore, I will only be introducing the book tomorrow.

I will be offering several themed prompts based off the books theme to choose from in regards to their paragraph writing.

The following clips will be used to introduce the book.


Million Dollar Throw Book Trailer

Mike Lupica author video, Million-Dollar Throw
Possible prompts for paragraph writing.
Have you ever had a difficulty in a sports game? Explain.
How would you describe a perfect player on a team?
What do you think the theme will be for this book? Explain.
What attributes make up a good friend? Explain.
What do you think Nate will have to overcome in his life?
The class will focus on using the web graphic organizer from:

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