Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Teacher's Magical Shiny Black Boots

Can any teacher old or new relate to the story below?

            Click-Clack, Click-Clack went the shiny black boots, as the new teacher proceeded speedily down the corridors of the 6th grade hallway early one morning. She felt a little bit uncomfortable. "These boots I'm wearing are so noisy. I hope the clickity-clacking of my shiny black boots doesn't disturb anyone!" she thought to herself.

            She waved hello to a fellow teacher and quickly opened the door to her classroom.  The new teacher proceeded to turn on the lights, computers, and smart board. For a moment she collapsed in her teacher's chair, and glanced at her boots. She brought them closer, studying the size of the heel, the shine of the leather, and the zipper on the side. She thought to herself, "Sharp looking boots. I’m glad I got them out, but I am a little worried I won’t make it through the day in these heels!”

            Quickly the vibrations of students’ feet approached her classroom, and the new teacher quickly hopped up from her chair and revved up for action. She greeted students gingerly, and said, “Good morning!”

            The somber students, begrudgingly retorted, "Good morning," and meandered to their seats, not enthused for the day ahead.

            Disappointed by the morning greeting, the new teacher quickly paced the floor, knowing that swift action was needed. Her shiny black boots swiftly went click-clack, click-clack around the room. The echoing sound penetrated the classroom.

            Upon hearing the deafening sound made from the boots, students anxiously took out their binders, paper, and pencils and got right to work on their first assignment. Click-clack, click-clack, the shiny black boots guided the new teacher from student to student ensuring that each one stayed on task.

             "Wow!" thought the new teacher curiously. “I wore my delightful grey sneakers on Monday, my fabulous flats on Tuesday, and my comfortable clogs on Wednesday but the students only tittered and slouched. On the other hand, today, Thursday, I stand wearing my shiny black boots, and everything changed. Could it be that my shiny black boots are magical?”

        Throughout the day the students stayed at the ready, watching the new teacher’s slightest move around the classroom, listening to the click-clack of the heel, wondering if she’d visit their desk next. The new teacher, exhilarated, stretched her gait to match the heightened momentum within the classroom. As the school day ended, she contemplated all of her students’ strong accomplishments. With a sigh she wondered aloud, “This day has been truly amazing. The students listened, did their work, and followed my lead every step of the way.”

          The new teacher glanced down and studied her black boots one final time. “Thank you shiny black boots, you are truly magical. I shall keep you always, shiny, black, and new.”

         The new teacher gathered her belongings and locked the door to her classroom. Then she turned, and with a confident smile on her face, she hobbled down the quiet 6th grade hallway listening to the click-clack, click-clack of her magical shiny black boots echoing throughout the school.

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Sydney Anne said...

Interesting story! Loved the magic of the boots! I need some of those! Wonderful descriptive words and phrases!