Monday, January 21, 2013

Students' Similes: LOL!

My advanced class wrote a persuasive letter this past Friday to the principal urging him not to allow fast food options in the cafeteria. The letter needed to contain an example of figurative language. Not all the students remembered, but I had a few zingers that made me laugh out loud- literally! So, I thought I would share a few. Enjoy!

Due to eating fast food, students lounge around all day long like fat cats in comfy chairs.

Fast food is like a shark attack: it's a bad thing in this world.

Students lounge around all day like a fat man who drank too much milk.

Fast food is like getting hit by a subway train: it's bad news.

Fast food hurts you like a serial killer.

Fast food causes your heart rate to shoot up as fast as a cheetah runs!

Fast food is like one big death trap!

Side note: I am convinced--no fast food this week. :-)

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