Sunday, December 1, 2013

Rising Up From Hate: Equality for All

Tomorrow, I will begin a new unit entitled, "Rising Up From Hate: Equality for All". My students will compare and contrast the Holocaust with the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement. I will do this through the use of two books, The Diary of Anne Frank and Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice.

My students have a goal to write and publish a book from this unit. I believe that this would be very easily accomplished, because the unit relies on self reflection and discovery. Therefore, a collection of essays and poetry with this theme could make for an excellent read.

I will begin the unit with Anne Frank, and work in Claudette Colvin later in the unit.

Ok...on with the lesson.

I will introduce the lesson with writing and discussion.

The students will have to write for 5 minutes responding to the unit title, "Rising Up From Hate: Equality for All".

Once they have completed their writing, we will have a classroom discussion on their responses to the prompt.

I will then give every student a copy of the Diary of Anne Frank, along with a KWL chart entitled, The Holocaust.

The students will take a few minutes filling in what they already know about The Holocaust or Anti Semitism.
Then we will read a biography of Anne's life and watch a couple of clips from the following source. They will fill in the KWL chart as we read, listen, and discuss.
Finally, we will read the introduction to the novel, The Diary of Anne Frank, together as a class. We will also review the chapters, and observations such as vocabulary usage by Anne.
The students will also begin a formal research paper based off either World War II, The Holocaust, Anne Frank, and Jewish traditions this week along with the reading of the novel.
I can't wait to begin the unit tomorrow!


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