Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Family of Writers

It's interesting about big family gatherings. At first, I'm hesitant to want to get all the kids ready and go. I guess it's the unknowing of what I'm in for, and I think, "I haven't seen most of these guys in a year. What will we talk about?"

The cool thing I realized tonight is I love my family. We share so many similar passions. There are two bloggers/writers in the family besides me, and the word "blog" is not a four letter word to them. They get it and they enjoy it. Besides writers, I also have several educators in my family, and I can connect with them on an entirely different level since becoming a teacher myself.

I would like to pass on the writings of my family. If you enjoy reading my blog you might also enjoy reading theirs as well.

My uncle, Ed Wyrick, is a recently retired high school counselor and published author, who has overcome personal struggles, while also maintaining a phenomenal career. He documents his journey to healthy living through his website and blog called, "My Reclaimed Life." which can be found at Check it out. He has some great advice!

My cousin, Julianne Wyrick, is a freelance writer, finishing her master's degree in journalism from the University of Georgia. She loves to research and write on nutrition and food science. She has a true passion for science, and is even thinking of applying her knowledge to the classroom one day. She would make an excellent teacher. Check out her website at She has links to her work, which is excellent.

Insights that I'm constantly discovering about my family is their desire to achieve, their desire to learn, and their desire to share their discoveries with others knowing that we are all apart of life's journey together. I feel happy and proud to share my own discoveries along with them.

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