Sunday, February 10, 2013

Teacher Man: Enjoyable Read for Educators

Teacher Man, the last memoir written by Frank McCourt, is a timeless read for educators. Being first introduced to the writing of Frank McCourt in 1996 as a sales clerk in a local book store, I read Angela's Ashes in one night.  I absolutely fell in love with the book. His use of language and descriptive writing captivated me.

For years, I did not think of McCourt again until I read Teacher Man as part of my teacher certification program about one year ago. Again, I fell in love. The way in which he describes his first days in the classroom made me laugh, and assured me that all teachers feel inadequate at times in all areas of teaching, especially classroom management.

That being said, the absolute best way to experience McCourt's stories is in the same way his students did:audibly. Due to my constant need to multitask, I often listen to audio books while cleaning my house or folding my family's endless heaps of laundry. McCourt's Irish brogue makes any seemingly boring task a breeze. So, teachers, if you are in need of a fabulous read, I highly recommend Frank McCourt's Teacher Man, in print or audio.

Below is a great article on McCourt and his past students.


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