Thursday, January 16, 2014

So, Teacher- You Had a Bad Day? Well, Let's Turn It Around!


Teachers- ever had a bad day? Today, was one of those days for me. Sitting in a meeting listening to the results of poor student test results, and the rigor of a new teacher evaluation system I began to feel an uncontrollable sadness come over me. Tears flowed, and I couldn't stop it no matter how I tried! As a person that wants to seem in control, I suddenly lost control. I thought, "What the heck is happening to me?"

When I got home, I decided to turn to my celebrity teacher "BFF" or (best friend forever) Rafe Esquith. He offered me the following advice from the book, Real Talk for Real Teachers.

"We need to address an uncomfortable subject. I do not mean to sound overly dramatic, but there is a truth about teaching that should be examined. This job can kill you." ~Rafe Esquith
"Reasonable people know that poverty and other social ills are creating students who are not going to learn even if Plato, Sacrotes, and Aristotle were in charge of their education." ~Rafe Esquith

"Young teachers, please remember this. All students deserve to be given our best. Good teachers never give up on the individual. But, please balance your efforts to help a child with the knowledge that you cannot, and should not, be responsible for solving all his problems. If you listen to politicians demanding that we teachers save everyone, you are going to become incredibly discouraged when you don't." ~ Rafe Esquith

I found these quotes to be reassuring.

So, besides these excellent quotes, how else can a teacher recover from stress. There are many ways, but for the purposes of this post I thought I'd add links to a few of my favorite funny clips. Laughter is always the best medicine! Enjoy!

                                                These Pretzels are Making Me Thirsty!!

                                                        Dead Husband Walking!! LOL!!
Hot Pocket!


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