Monday, October 7, 2013

It's Time to Swerve and Hit It

When I was fifteen and learning how to drive, my dad would take me out on occasion to practice driving. Every time I got to a stop sign and needed to turn, he would exclaim, "Swerve and hit it!" That usually made me a nervous wreck, and then I would immediately want to turn around and go home. Now, looking back on it, I really like the expression. Sometimes, we must realize when we need to pick up the pace. For me-- it's time to swerve and hit it!

So, that being said my first goal is to work on my students reading achievement. After a Lexile SRI test today I realized a few things.

1. High level students only need a little push and encouragement to excel.
  • 17 out of 22 students increased their reading comprehension scores within the 9 weeks. Two students are below grade level.
2. Low level students need individualized instruction to succeed. They want to do well so desperately. They just don't know how to make that happen. I was honest with them today about their scores and what they meant, but I also gave them encouragement and hope. We will figure this out! I spoke with the media center specialist after lunch, and we have developed a plan. I will choose 3 books with her help for each student within or above their Lexile range, label them with the students names. Then on Wednesday, we will go to the media center as a class and they will choose from their stack. They must finish the book or read at least 100 pages by next Friday with a book review turned in. They will also start taking AR tests on the books they read. I will have to spend time once a week conferencing with them on their reading. This will take some effort, but I cannot let this happen again. I can't walk away from this year without knowing they've made significant academic progress.

  • 4 students increased their scores/ 9 students scores decreased. Only two students are currently on grade level out of all students.
3. My middle group needs some work too. I think they need to be challenged more. They read more for pleasure, but don't seek out books with higher Lexile levels. I will work with the students who scores went down first, and work my way up.

  • 10 students scores increased and 11 students scores decreased/ 8 students are below grade level.

Also--vocabulary work for all!

Data is interesting and scary, but maybe scary in a good way. I think it's good to be open to it, because hopefully in the end it will help the students achieve, and that is the ultimate goal--helping them be successful.

Let's Get It Done!!

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