Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Homer Hickam & Rudy Ruettiger: Study on Dreaming and Achieving

The sun came out, and now the CRCT season is over. My students and I are all breathing a sigh of relief. Although relieved, the learning must carry on. We will be reading and writing until the end with a continued focus on the thematic unit, "Believe it and you will achieve it". We are continuing to work on all elements of the standards with a focus on textual evidence. My students' writing improves daily, with the ability to write a solid paper in one class sitting.
Today, they wrote an essay focusing on the three P's that Homer Hickam, author of the memoir, The Rocket Boys discusses in the clip below. They had to compare and contrast Hickam's passion, planning, and perseverance for rocketry with their own passion using examples from the text and the film, October Sky. Overall, I was pleased, especially with my low group, who demonstrated to me well that they understand the concept of comparison and contrast in writing a paper. It has taken several months to get them there, but they are getting it now, which thrills me!

Tomorrow, I will begin with another inspiring figure, especially for my football dreamers, Rudy Ruettiger. We will read a biography and watch the clip below about Rudy's struggle through school and how he persevered through it all to accomplish his goals.
 Check out the following clip on the story told by Rudy himself!
Clip on the movie, Rudy.
Finally, we will compare and contrast the two characters Rudy and Homer. How are they alike? How did they demonstrate the three p's: passion, planning, and perseverance.

I look forward to my students learning about these real life characters, and how they apply to their lives. Looking forward to the discoveries and conclusions my students make throughout the week.

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