Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Returning to a Writer's Life

As a writer, I feel pretty dried up right now. This year I decided to do more, and write less. I wanted to try and just do--not think or over analyze too much. I believe I succeeded in that attempt, but may have lost my voice in the process. But, no worries. Life is an adventure, and I'll get my groove back.

I'll also be returning to the classroom next year as a 6th grade ELA and Reading teacher, and thrilled about this change. So thrilled in fact that my stresses have all but escaped my body entirely. My goal will be to write at least once a week, so that I might continue to demonstrate the importance of writing and reflection to my students, so that they will grow as writers, as well.

For tonight, as I procrastinated on what to write about, I found some quotes on writing that I enjoyed. So, I decided to reflect on them...hope you enjoy. 


Snoopy begins his masterpiece, only to find himself wondering, "What comes next?"

      A writer who isn't able to write feels trapped inside two persons--one that says, "It's okay take a break...and the other that says, "This must be written, now!" Who does the writer believe?

All blooming writers should study poetry first, because it is the foundation for all excellent writing. However, all beginning writers must be willing to take risks and fail...and fail again...until their words penetrate the reader's mind.

        Yes. Many wonderful stories are lost every day due to the writer's fear of failure, or what other people think of his writing. What if we all told our own stories, instead of tweeting everyone else's? Be brave, be bold, and be original. Tell your story. Create.

As a writer, you will fail. The first draft is never the final draft in deep, thoughtful writing. This blog post is not an example of that. However, I've written other pieces, poems that have never been published that I've written again and again to find the perfect words. Writers will face rejection. It's just part of the journey.

Beware of being friends with a writer or related to a writer--we use everything around us as pieces in our writing lives. My grandmother wrote a column in the local paper for over twenty years. My own mother was often afraid to speak lest her own words end up in my grandmother's column! Writer's use everything around them.

Be a courageous writer! Just write at first. Whatever comes. Then, revise, revise, revise....finding those perfect words to create the story that will capture your audience. Write from the heart. Inspire. Keep going.

For my upcoming sixth grade writers, I will say, "Don't try to be perfect, for what is perfection ? Don't try to be normal, be amazing!" That takes risk. Writing is not just a perfect five paragraph essay or constructed response. Yes, they will learn these well, but deep writing fosters belonging, communication, and identity. 

Some quotes to meditate on. I look forward to a deeply satisfying year of slowing down and growing at the same time, maturing as a teacher, and as a writer. Going deep.


AnnR said...

Thanks for again finding the time, courage, and words to share with the rest of us! Reflection is key as we move forward as it helps us to re-align ourselves and adjust our vision. Looking forward to reading and learning more!!

middlegradesteacher said...

Thank you, Angela! I look forward to growing together in the year ahead.