Sunday, June 15, 2014

What is Success?

Everyone has their definition of success, and that is good. It's truly up to the individual to determine his or her own set of values and goals.

Personally, my vision is clear and my goals are simple.

1. I am a child of God, and a lover of Christ. I seek to listen, and follow His guidance in all that I do. In Him, and by serving him, I am a champion. Anything that separates myself from growing closer to him keeps me from ultimate greatness, and hinders the real impact that I can make in my family, in my career, and with my life goals.

2. I am a wife and mother.  My life dream is for my husband and children to wake up, and call me beloved. I'm here  to love them, nurture them, and help them to be all they can be. By doing this I am a champion.

3. I am a teacher. My dream and calling is to make an impact in children's lives. By teaching them, expanding their knowledge of content, and providing an example of excellence, I am a champion.

4. I am a writer. My writing helps me stay grounded, and nothing brings me more pleasure than helping others find their voice. This brings me joy. In this, I am a champion.

I am happy for others in their quest for greatness. We all are allowed to figure out our own way, and this is mine.

In this way, I am successful.


Beth said...

This is the most poetic vision statement and set of goals I have ever read.

middlegradesteacher said...

Well, thank you. :)